About Us

Welcome to The Go2Crowd – a new destination to be rewarded for your opinions. Here, you are the voices we need to hear, the opinions that matter, the crowd we need when business decisions have to be made. You’re our Go 2 and we want you to feel rewarded, respected and recognised for your contributions.

For too long, research companies forget there’s an actual person, sitting in their home, giving their feedback and they don’t reward people like you for your time and effort. We want to change this. Will you become millionaires after joining? Not a chance! But will you be rewarded appropriately for your contribution? Absolutely!

We believe in transparency which is why we’re going to be pretty open and honest about what we need you to do. There will be times when we will need you to complete a long survey – and we need to reward you appropriately. Other times, we just need to get your feedback on a simple topic and hope you can quickly answer this for us. We will have opportunities for you to attend focus groups, online communities, live discussions. We want to reward you for your time and effort: some things we know will be fun to do, others require more concentration and our job is to be mindful of that.

In return, we just expect honesty. We know sometimes long, boring surveys make people switch off; they click through to get the miserly return at the end, and errors are made. Sometimes, survey questions don’t make sense or you’re asked an opinion you know nothing about. We get that and aiming to minimise this. But we’ve been doing this a long time and know that sometimes people say what they think we want to hear or provide contradictory opinions which don’t make sense to us. Ultimately, this doesn’t help us or the businesses and brands that work with us – which then doesn’t deliver any benefit to you in the form of new products, ideas or innovations – the reason people ask us to do the research. So we believe if both parties are honest – about the effort, the reward and your opinions – everyone will win. We call it ‘the transparency exchange’ – and it’s what The Go 2 Crowd is built upon.

And in the spirit of that transparency, the Go2Crowd is a work in progress, and something that with your feedback, we will continue to build and improve. We’re aiming to create a community within The Go2Crowd, so will be inviting people from Australia, New Zealand, U.S and U.K to take part, with other countries to join. You’ve been invited to take part in this early stage to help us so bear with us, tell us what you think, pick us up when we get local nuances wrong and forgive us for any mistakes we make while trying to deliver a community we’re passionate about.

We’re honestly delighted to have you on board and can’t wait to start this exciting project with you all.

Paul, Chris, James and Kellie